Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Pisces April 10, 2024

There are strong energies peaking today on the heels of that powerful eclipse on Monday.

  • Mars – action, purpose, freedom, anger, aggression
  • Saturn – matures over time, structures, builds, works hard, restricts, represses, depresses
  • Pisces – confusion, turmoil, escape, ending of an era, surrender, compassion, spirituality

Mars, the planet of action, purpose, freedom, and anger is joining up with Saturn, the planet of maturation over time, structures, builds, hard work, restriction, repression, and depression in Pisces, the sign of confusion, escapism, ending of an era, surrender, compassion, spirituality.

Positively, we feel a strong urge to grow and mature spiritually. There may be a special sense of purpose in growing and building something that is not self-serving or solely for our own gratification, but rather serves a higher purpose. This sounds like something we do in the outside world, but it can also be something on a soul level, our own consciousness, our own spiritual growth.

You may feel strong feelings arising within you – anger, compulsion, suppression, depression, etc. Maybe there is anger at being held back or aggressiveness toward whoever or whatever restricts or holds you down. You may feel very confused. You may feel very uncomfortable. You may want to escape them but see if you can embrace them with compassion.

Our emotions hold powerful messages.

There is a lot of potential for healing what underlies these strong emotions. What do you need to surrender that is not serving you anymore? Allow your emotions to speak to what they are protecting you from, what they need to feel safe and secure enough that they don’t have to protect you anymore, and how you can fill that need.

We can take this opportunity to work with whatever is coming up as the universe is helping you become aware of something new that you haven’t understood before, something that may have previously been unconscious in you but is now ready to be healed and then released.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how to heal it yet. Take it one day at a time.

Some of the frustration with this energy arises from the opposing forces: the desire to take immediate action clashing with the urge to slow down and develop things thoroughly over time, all occurring simultaneously.

The next major aspect in the sky is coming up in less than two weeks. It offers the opportunity for radical creative potential. The difficult energies you process now will help clear the way for you to direct your creative potential in a big way.

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