Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus 4/20/24

Are you ready for a change? Now is the perfect opportunity!


  • Jupiter – growth, expansion, generosity, optimism.
  • Uranus – revolution, individuation, genius, the unexpected, disruption, ideas that benefit humanity.
  • Taurus – peace, serenity, earthy, physicality, safety and security, strength, iron will.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction stirs the excitement of anticipation.

It is a favorable aspect of opportunity to make radical changes that improve how you maintain and strengthen your resources and all that you value. Where you may have been feeling stuck, you may suddenly be inspired to think bigger and bolder, opening the way for a breakthrough that vastly improves your current situation.

This aspect affects all of us in different areas of our lives depending on where it is occurring in your natal chart.

For example:

You’re single and on the shy side but have been wanting to be in relationship. You suddenly find new relationship opportunities when you take some bold new action, such as joining a singles group you found through the Internet.

You’ve been bored with your job but harbored a dream to work in a career related to some creative passion that has been only a hobby up until now, you may suddenly find yourself taking the bold action of building a website and launching a new business to make it real.

You’ve been hanging out with the wrong group. It’s not that you didn’t know it before, but now, for some reason, it just hits you. You make a clean break, and your life suddenly gets better.

What bold, new choice would you make if you’ve been flying under the radar and have been afraid to put yourself out there?

Your lack of self-confidence might say, I don’t know. So, let me ask you this, what would you be doing if you had total confidence in yourself?

Whatever bold, new change you choose, there is an opportunity to make it real and long-lasting! Dream big. Dream different. Bask in the peace and serenity of choosing to value yourself enough to make your future better than it is today.

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