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Begin your journey of self-discovery, awareness and connection to your soul’s purpose.

It’s easy to feel disconnected when you are searching for meaning and purpose.

On the surface, life looks great. You are busy with work and caring for family. You attend committee meetings and volunteer at school. Your social calendar is full. Yet, deep down life feels empty, boring, and dull – like you are just going through the motions. A part of you wonders if this is all there is.

You find yourself asking, “What does it all mean? What does my life mean? Where am I in all this busyness? Who exactly am I?” What does it even mean to feel connected to the essence of who I am? How can I be fully me and offer my light to the world? Evolutionary Astrology helps solve the mystery of your life’s purpose.

3 Core Concepts of Evolutionary Astrology


We are souls having a human experience. Not the other way around!

Evolutionary Astrology accepts that the birth chart is a reflection of the soul’s evolutionary intentions for the present life.


We are the authors of our lives through the choices we make.

We choose how we respond to our chart. In Evolutionary Astrology, this means that two people with the exact same chart could be living lives that look completely different, depending on the choices they make and the condition of the soul at birth.


We must take responsibility for the reality of our own experience.

The question is not if, but how. If your soul is here to learn lessons and resolve unhealed wounds, it stands to reason you would experience some amount of struggle. The real question is not whether or not there will be challenges, but how you respond when difficulty does show up in your life.

Live the life your soul intended.

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) is different from other astrological approaches. People often think of astrology as predictive fortune telling. That’s not what this is. Evolutionary Astrology answers the question “Why do you have the chart you have?” Your soul is the essence of who you are. It is what has incarnated in the human form called YOU. 

Your birth chart describes your soul’s evolutionary intentions and outlines a path for you to achieve them.

While other people seem to have it all figured out, you lay awake at night wondering why you are here, does your life have any meaning, what is your purpose in life. This leaves you feeling lost and doubting yourself, as though you’re drifting through life without a clear sense of where you’re headed or what direction to go. The answers are in your chart.

It’s a fact: The majority of the population goes through their entire life without ever having their astrological chart read. On the surface, they seem content without ever needing to question the meaning of life. But you are different. You have questions. You want to know exactly who you are.  What your life is all about. You want to understand the greater mysteries of life and how you can feel connected to something greater than yourself.

An Evolutionary Astrology consultation anchors your life to your soul’s lessons.

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How does Evolutionary Astrology Work?

Evolutionary Astrology readings connect you to your soul lessons and become the foundation of everything we do together. It helps answer the question, “What would it look like to truly shine your bright light for the world to see?”

First, you will provide your birth data and any issues you are struggling with. Maybe you’re in a job that you hate and long for a career that feels more satisfying. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom whose kids are getting older and you’re thinking about returning to work. Maybe you just have a vague sense that you are being called to step into a higher version of yourself but you’re not sure what that looks like exactly.

In a 75-minute one-on-one session, we look at the themes in your chart in terms of your soul’s lessons and connect them to what you’re experiencing in your everyday life.

Becoming aware of why you’re experiencing life the way you are helps you see a clearer vision for yourself. With that clarity, you can now set meaningful goals that are authentic to who you came here to be.

Get help working through life's roadblocks.

As you set out to achieve your goals, you’ll more than likely run into roadblocks. Most of us have experienced being stuck, confused, or spinning our wheels in the same self-sabotaging cycle we’ve been in before. What is less clear however is why we’re stuck or why we keep doing the same thing over and over even though we know it’s not serving us.

My Shadow Integration coaching program aims to shed light on the source of these blocks and breakthrough them.

This is where the rubber meets the road and we do the hard but rewarding work of integration, reclaiming the disowned parts of ourselves and the gifts they have to offer for healing and wholeness.

Be the parent you want to be.

Parenting is the hardest job anyone will ever have. Just as an Evolutionary Astrology consultation helps you understand your soul’s evolutionary intentions, it can also help you understand your child’s as well.

Evolutionary Astrology is not a fortune telling tool. Rather, it tells us the major themes in a person’s life and what types of experiences they may have. Not only can we look at your child’s soul lessons, but we can also better understand their temperament and the parenting strategies that would be most effective for your child.

What would it look like to truly shine your bright light for the world to see?

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Hi. I'm Tammy.

Evolutionary Astrology has helped me understand my life within the framework of my soul’s intentions to learn certain lessons, grow and evolve. It has shifted my understanding of and appreciation for the challenges of my past. Instead of using my story to complain about my family, my childhood, or what other people have done to me, I now see those things as the very experiences I needed to grow and evolve my soul.

“A miracle is a shift in perception.”
-A Course In Miracles

I have studied with the most prestigious names in the field of Evolutionary Astrology – Steven Forrest, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Michael De Baker – to recognize what we can understand in the birth chart and how we can use that information to evolve our souls and manifest our highest potential.

“As above so below”
-Hermes Trismegistus

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