Understanding Your Sun Sign: An Introduction to Astrological Identity

When somebody asks, “What’s your sign?”, what they’re really asking is what was the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth? The Sun is a gravitational force in our solar system. Likewise, the Sun in your birth chart acts like a gravitational force that focalizes all the other points and planets in […]

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus 4/20/24

Are you ready for a change? Now is the perfect opportunity! THEMES: Jupiter – growth, expansion, generosity, optimism. Uranus – revolution, individuation, genius, the unexpected, disruption, ideas that benefit humanity. Taurus – peace, serenity, earthy, physicality, safety and security, strength, iron will. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction stirs the excitement of anticipation. It is a favorable aspect […]

Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Pisces April 10, 2024

There are strong energies peaking today on the heels of that powerful eclipse on Monday. Mars – action, purpose, freedom, anger, aggression Saturn – matures over time, structures, builds, works hard, restricts, represses, depresses Pisces – confusion, turmoil, escape, ending of an era, surrender, compassion, spirituality Mars, the planet of action, purpose, freedom, and anger […]

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